SSDV烧录器是Sinhmicro Serial Debug Programmer V 的简称,用于对昇生微各系列MCU进行烧录。SSDV烧录器具有实时显示checksum,记录每个固件的烧录信息,以及对烧录器进行离线升级等功能。具体功能如下:

  • 一键烧录固件
  • 可查看校验和
  • 可进入校验模式
  • 可读取烧录日志
  • 烧录器可自升级
  • 通过SSDV烧录器对方案板进行整机升级

SSDV烧录器有三个型号,分别是AUTO通用款、BUART烧录接口版、SSP737X专用烧录接口版。AUTO通用款烧录器可以烧录SS80X、SS881X、SS888X、SS889X、SSP737X,几乎支持我们目前的所有芯片,推荐使用通用款。为了兼顾产能还推出了两款烧录速度快一点的定制款供选择,但只能烧录指定的芯片。想了解每款的烧录速度,请看下面的SSDV Programmer User Guide。产品包装清单可参考下图与表格,如欲购买,请与我们联系


SSDV Programmer is short for Sinhmicro Serial Debug Programmer V, which is used to write Sinhmicro 8-bit MCU. It can display checksum in real time, record the burning information of each firmware, and upgrade the burner offline. Specific functions are as follows:

  •   Key burning firmware
  •   View checksum
  •   Check firmware
  •   Read the burning log
  •   Upgrade its own version
  •   Upgrade the MCU that has been assembled into the product

There are three models for SSDV programmers. They are AUTO universal model, BUART burning interface model, SSP737X special burning interface model. AUTO universal model can burn SS80X, SS881X, SS888X, SS889X, SSP737X, almost support all our current chips, we recommend this one. The other two products are customized to increase production capacity, and they will burn faster, but only the specified chip can be burned. For the efficiency of each product, see the SSDV Programmer User Guide below. Please refer to the picture below for the appearance of the complete product, and the packing list is in the table below. If you want to purchase, please contact us.


  • 尺寸信息:长74.8mm*宽58.8mm*高18~19mm

  • Size information: Length 74.8mm* width 58.8mm* height 18~19mm

 项次    包装清单 数量
1      发货默认 AUTO通用款烧录器(其他定制款下单时请备注) 一个
2      1.5米方头USB数据线(电源线) 一条
3      FC-10P转DB9公头彩排线 一条
4      XH2.54杜邦20CM 五芯线 一条
5      烧录转接板(这是用于烧录机台的转接板,如有需要,请另行购买 一个


1      Delivery default AUTO universal model                                                       (please note when ordering other customized models) One
2      1.5m square plug USB cable(Power cord) One
3      FC-10P to DB9 plug color line One
4      XH2.54 20CM five-core wire One

     Programming adapter board (This is for programming machines,       please buy this separately,It's not in this packing)



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