SSP707X is a power management chip (PMIC) designed by SinhMicro for applications such as smart charge compartments of Bluetooth headsets, and smart watches. The chip integrates an overvoltage protection circuit, and the input withstand voltage is as high as 38V; The chip has a built-in high-efficiency switching charge module (Charger) and a boost module with adjustable output voltage to meet the needs of fast charge and earphones synchronous charge in the smart charge compartment; On-chip integrated Power Line Carrier (PLC) control module for data communication on the power path; The chip can be used alone or with MCU through the IIC interface; In response to the solution requirements of TWS, the chip has built-in headphone plug-in or pull-out detection wake-up circuit and UART Communication Level Shift module, which greatly simplifies the peripheral materials of the solution.
SSP737X is a chip with high withstand voltage linear charge and asynchronous boost function, which is mainly used in electronic devices that need to be charged, such as small fans (support 5V, 7V, 9V, 12V and other motors, three or four adjustable gears, with LED indication), microporous atomization equipment and other extended application scenarios with batteries that need to be charged.
SS215X is a SoC with an integrated 5V synchronous buck-boost module that includes charger management, power path management, high-precision ADCs, and rich interfaces. It is suitable for all kinds of intelligent hardware devices that need to be charged and discharged through a USB port, and effectively reduces the development difficulty, PCB area and BOM cost of the overall solution and brings high integration, high flexibility and streamlined peripheral devices.