SSD32 Debugger (Discontinued)

Function Description

SSD32 is the abbreviation for the 32-bit version of Sinhmicro Serial Debugger, used for one click burning of the Sinhmicro 32-bit MCU platform. It mainly provides the following types of functions:

  • The SSD debugger can be powered through this interface
  • By connecting to the computer through this interface, the firmware in the debugger can simulate two USB devices on the computer
  • USB drive device for storing firmware and user data
  • Virtual serial port device that can achieve USB to serial port function


The packaging list of the SSD32 debugger can be found in the following pictures and tables. If you want to purchase it, please contact us

NO. Packing List  QTY
1                           SS215X Downloader One
2 1.5m square plug USB square plug printing cable One
3                           XH2.54 20cm five-core wire One
4                           XH2.54 20cm three-core wire One


Documents & Guidelines

Related Software

In conjunction with the SSDV/SSD8/SSD32 debugger provided by Sinhmicro and the Flash burning tool, firmware burning, firmware verification, and other operations can be completed.
Sinh51_ Keil is a plugin of Keil C51 integrated development environment, which can provide device libraries, header files, startup files related to Sinhmicro 8-bit MCU, as well as compilation, simulation, debugging and other environments.