TWSBOX Development Board

Function Description

The TWSBOX development board for Sinhmicro is a summary and integration of Sinhmicro Intelligent Charging Cabin solutions, supporting chip platforms such as SS809X, SS881X, SS886X, SS900X, SS901X, SS981X, and supporting earphone platforms such as Qualcomm, Luoda, Bestechnic, Realtek, Actions, jieli, Bluetrum, Yuanxiang, Broadcom, Smartlinkt , Wuqi, etc. It supports overall upgrade, UART communication (level conversion), 5V/0V communication, wireless charging, NTC, buttons, etc Hall and other functions. The purpose is to provide developers with a rapid development prototype, which can quickly implement the required functions on the development board after obtaining specification requirements, in order to shorten development time.



The TWSBOX development board consists of a motherboard, Boost sub board, main control sub board, etc. The packaging list can refer to the pictures and tables below. If you want to purchase, please contact us.

NO. Packing List QTY Note
1 Motherboard One -
2 Jumper Cap Thirty -
3 SS881A Main control sub board One Optional
4 SS881Q Main control sub board One Optional
5 SS8867 Main control sub board One Optional
6 SS809 Main control sub board One Optional
7 SS880A Main control sub board One Optional
8 SS888Q Main control sub board One Optional
9 SS981QW Main control sub board One Optional
10 SS91 Boost sub board One Optional


Documents & Guidelines

Sinhmicro Charging Warehouse Development Board Data Package
标题 发布日期 尺寸 操作
SINH-TWSBOX_DVB-User_Guide-V1.1-20210421.pdf2021-04-213.75 MB    
昇生微电子-TWS充电仓DVB-V1.2-20210426.zip2021-04-2660.73 MB

Related Hardware

The SSDV Debugger is the latest upgraded version of the SSD8 Debugger, which supports debugging and online burning of all chip platforms in Sinhmicro.
SSD8 is the abbreviation for the 8-bit version of Sinhmicro Serial Debugger, which only supports debugging and burning of SS80X and SS881X series MCU platforms. If you need to debug other series of chips, please use the SSDV debugger.
SSD32 is the abbreviation for the 32-bit version of Sinhmicro Serial Debugger, used for upgrading the micro 32-bit MCU platform.

Related Software

In conjunction with the SSDV/SSD8/SSD32 debugger provided by Sinhmicro and the Flash burning tool, firmware burning, firmware verification, and other operations can be completed.
Sinh51_ Keil is a plugin of Keil C51 integrated development environment, which can provide device libraries, header files, startup files related to Sinhmicro 8-bit MCU, as well as compilation, simulation, debugging and other environments.