SSDV Debugger

Function Description

SSDV Debugger is the abbreviation of Sinhmicro Serial Debugger V Debugger, which supports debugging and online burning of all Sinhmicro MCU platforms. It can be used in conjunction with the Flash burning software (version 5.0 and above) provided by Sinhmicro and the Sinh51 Keil plugin (version 4.0 and above) to perform firmware burning and Keil program debugging on the chip.

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NO. Packing List QTY
1 SSDV Debugger One


Documents & Guidelines

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昇生微SSDV调试器使用指南-V1.0.3.942-20221017.pdf2022-10-272.27 MB    

Related Software

In conjunction with the SSDV/SSD8/SSD32 debugger provided by Sinhmicro and the Flash burning tool, firmware burning, firmware verification, and other operations can be completed.
Sinh51_ Keil is a plugin of Keil C51 integrated development environment, which can provide device libraries, header files, startup files related to Sinhmicro 8-bit MCU, as well as compilation, simulation, debugging and other environments.