SSDV Checker

Function Description

SSDV Checker is the abbreviation for Sinhmicro Serial Debug Checker V. Verifiable chips include SS80X, SS881X, SS888X, and SS889X. The SSDV Checker has functions such as real-time display of checksums, recording the burning information of each firmware, and offline upgrade of the burner.

The specific main functions are as follows:

  • Key firmware verification
  • View checksum
  • Read verification log
  • Upgrade its own version
  • Upgrade the MCU that has been assembled into the product

For detailed instructions, please refer to the SSDV Checker User Guide below. For the packaging list of the verifier, please refer to the pictures and tables below. If you want to purchase, please contact us.


    NO.    Packing List QTY
1                                 SSDV Checker One
2                                 1.5m square plug USB cable One
3                                 FC-10P to DB9 plug colored lines One
4                                 XH2.54 20CM five-core wire One

Documents & Guidelines

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