SSP737X Development Board

Function Description

Sinhmicro SSP737X Development Board is a summary and integration of Sinhmicro Fan solutions. This development board can not only be used as a burning SOCKET for SSP737X chips. It also supports the development of 5 fan application specifications. The development board has rich configurations, supporting multiple UI modes, fan voltage gear switching, charging the battery, setting the charging current, and configuring the stop charging voltage. It supports micro hole atomizers of 102~106KHZ, and the atomization frequency is optional. The main functions are as follows:


Functional Category Support Explanation
major function       Ordinary small fans and small fans with atomization function -
Driver chip       SSP737X -
Core functions       On Battery    3.7V lithium battery
      CHARGE A BATTERY      5V DC power supply
      SSP737X chip firmware burning    Configuring firmware in SSP737 burning tool
      Water shortage detection    Non contact voltage detection method
      Condition monitoring    High precision ADC real-time and precise monitoring
      Circuit boost    support
UI Features       Light display    Gear indicator light and charging indicator light, etc
      Fan control     Switch
      Atomization control     Switch


SSP737 development board (version A): With a socket, it is convenient to frequently replace chips for testing, but it cannot measure high currents and is relatively expensive.


SSP737 development board (version B): Without a socket, every chip replacement requires soldering, which can measure high current and is cheap.


For details, please refer to the development package below. The packaging list can refer to the pictures and tables below. If you want to purchase, please contact us


   NO.    Packing List QTY Note
1     SSP737X Development Board (with Socket) One   Optional with or without a socket
2     SSP737X Development Board (without Socket) One
3     USB to TTL serial port module One   Optional
4     XH2.54 20CM Five-core wire One   Optional
5     108kHZ ultrasonic atomizer One   Optional
6     Jumper Cap Ten   Presenter


Documents & Guidelines

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SINH-SSP737X_DVB-User_Guide-V1.0-20220412.pdf2022-04-201.99 MB    

Related Software

The SSP737X burning tool is a supporting burning software for the SSP737X Development Board. This article will describe the functions and usage of the SSP737X burning tool.