SS809/SS8819 Atomizing Humidifier Development Board

Function Description

Sinhmicro SS809/SS8819 Atomization Humidifier Development Board is a summary and summary of Sinhmicro Atomizer solutions. This development board is based on SS809 and SS8819 chips and can support atomization at multiple frequencies of 1.7/2.4/3/3.3M, with high frequency tracking accuracy. Support multiple methods of water shortage detection, and support the colorful light function. Manual frequency tracking and water shortage detection debugging can be carried out for different molds. The specific main functions are as follows:


Functional Category Support Description
major function Development of atomizers -
Driver chip   SS809 or SS8819 -
Core functions Multi frequency support    1.7/2.4/3/3.3M
DC power supply support     Adapter 5/18/24V
frequency control system  Programmable frequency output-high precision adjustable
Atomization frequency matching method

    1.Software automatic frequency tracking (Default)

    2.Manual frequency tracking in test mode (Optional)

Water shortage detection    Manual frequency tracking in testing mode (Optional) non-contact voltage detection method
Condition monitoring   High precision ADC real-time and precise monitoring
Circuit boost    Support
UI Features Light display    Breathing Colorful Lamp
Atomization control    Switch
Light display control    Switch

For details, please refer to the development package below. The packaging list can refer to the pictures and tables below. If you want to purchase, please contact us


NO.    Packing List QTY Note
1        SS809/SS8819 atomization humidifier development board - motherboard One -
2        SS809/SS8819 atomization humidifier development board-sub board One Optional
3        3MHZ ultrasonic atomizer One Optional
4        1.7MHZ ultrasonic atomizer One Optional
5        2.4MHZ ultrasonic atomizer One Optional

Documents & Guidelines

Sinhmicro SS809/SS8819 Atomization Humidifier Development Board Data Package
标题 发布日期 尺寸 操作
SS809_SS8819-ATOMIZER_DVB-User_Guide-V1.1.16190-20220308.pdf2022-04-242.1 MB    
昇生微电子-SS809_SS8819-雾化器DVB-V1.0-20220314.zip2022-12-1582.91 MB

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