SSDV Programmer

Function Description

SSDV Programmer is short for Sinhmicro Serial Debug Programmer V, which is used to write Sinhmicro 8-bit MCU. It can display checksum in real time, record the burning information of each firmware, and upgrade the burner offline. Specific functions are as follows:

  •   Key burning firmware
  •   View checksum
  •   Check firmware
  •   Read the burning log
  •   Upgrade its own version
  •   Upgrade the MCU that has been assembled into the product

There are three models for SSDV programmers. They are AUTO universal model, BUART burning interface model, SSP737X special burning interface model. AUTO universal model can burn SS80X, SS881X, SS888X, SS889X, SSP737X, almost support all our current chips, we recommend this one. The other two products are customized to increase production capacity, and they will burn faster, but only the specified chip can be burned. For the efficiency of each product, see the SSDV Programmer User Guide below. Please refer to the picture below for the appearance of the complete product, and the packing list is in the table below. If you want to purchase, please contact us.


  • Size information: Length 74.8mm* width 58.8mm* height 18~19mm

    NO.  Packing List QTY


    Delivery default AUTO universal model  (Please note when ordering   other customized models)



    1.5m square plug USB cable(Power cord)



    FC-10P to DB9 plug color line



    XH2.54 20CM five-core wire


    Programming adapter board 

    (This is for programming machines, please buy this separately, It's not in this packing)


Documents & Guidelines

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